With Samsara Heights, the meaning of “living” is slightly different. You are not just going to live in someone else’s designed building but design your vacation home according to your desire, whim and fancy. It’s a “boutique farmhouse” for more reasons than one. You dream, you desire and our skilled artisans build it for you. Taking care of every single detail you want. Go back to the Stone Age with style.

With ethnic, rural, and traditional stone exteriors, Stone Villas add spark to your vacation home. The interiors can be customized, with modern style & architecture by juxtaposing it with the traditional exteriors.

These just-made-for-you stone farmhouses of Samsara Heights stand in the heights of the Himalayas and whispers to the thickets of Corbett. Made from everything premium, these farmhouses ensure durability, strength, permanence and longevity. Using stone material adds to life of the structure- making it stand tall and strong for generations ahead.

It is not just a home, but a home directly from the pages of fairy tales - A Dream Home. You can customize your Stone Cottage the way you want but what we aim to assure you is - your Cottage is going to be ultra modern and totally eco-friendly.